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Sunday, February 9, 2014

Post #100 - Thank You for Viewing the Blog

This the 100th Post published. Google collects a number of stats related to a blog which can be viewed by the owner. One of the sets of stats collected tells me the country in which viewers of the blog are. This blog has had viewers from all over the globe.

You may be surprised to find out the "All Time" page views after the United States, in order of number of page views, are Russia, Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, Australia, Japan, France, Ukraine, and Sweden. After Sweden, Google does not provide information.

How do I know other countries are represented? Google breaks down the stats by "All Time", "Month", "Week", "Day", and "Now". By clicking on the various time frames, the names of other countries have shown up. There are so many other countries, a list of the United Nations would be required to list them all. If your country is not listed in the "All Time" group, do not worry as I know you are there.

At the same time the number of page views (Listed as "Total Passengers" in the right hand column of the blog page.)  is approaching 30,000. This represents many individuals who have looked at the posts in this blog. Some have viewed the blog once while others have viewed the blog multiple times. Whether you have intentionally or unintentionally looked at this blog - THANK YOU!

Since the blog was started in late 2011, numerous positive comments regarding my blog have been received from viewers.

My intention in writing a blog has been to get the viewer interested in O scale trolley modeling and to do some model building in any scale. Some where a writer in a modeling magazine noted if a modeler were to work on his or her hobby for 30 minutes per day, in a year's time this would be approximately 183 hours. One year is 183 hours! Need more be said?

Again, THANK YOU for viewing this blog and now back to model building.


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