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Monday, October 26, 2015

The Past, the Present, and the Future

The impressive title for this post is to get you attention. Please excuse my absence from writing in this blog.

As the summer started a series of family things like a vacation, repairs on our house and cars, traction models to finish, repairs on traction models, and more turned out to be the series of events which occupied my time instead of working on this blog.

Also, my wife found out she can retire at the end of this calender year and not at the end of  next year Then perhaps the event which has had the biggest, singular impact was my wife saying, "It's time for us to downsize." We have lived in the same house for 43 years. It is the only house we have owned.

While my wife and I are not horders, we did save some items like photos, items important to us, art work, and more. Without knowing, I had accumulated 60 years of model railroad related hobby items.

After bouncing the idea around in my mind for a week, I agreed with my wife that we needed to downsize. We have a house and garage which have become too much for us to take care of.

What to do with my models and layout initially bothered me. A number of different thoughts came into mind. How do I get a handle on the number of models I have? A few months ago some one asked me how many models I have. As I couunted the models on display in the garage, I suddenly stopped counting what a certain number was reached. There were more models than I thought I had! You'll get an idea as to the number of models in a later post.

Also. an article about how I became interested in modeliing trolleys has appeared in "O Scale Magazine".   It's a free web magazine so take a look at it. The other article to read is about Eric Bronsky's photos.