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Wednesday, November 11, 2015

The "Last Run" of the Chicago & Utopia Railway

This was not truly the "Last Run" of the Chicago & Utopia (C&U) Railway. It was the last run as the C&U suspended operations at its past location.

Less than 4 months ago my wife and I decided to downsize. The location of the C&U on the 2nd floor of the garage had to be stopped.

My most sincere thank you goes to Eric Bronsky for producing the video. Eric used video taken by Bill Becwar. My thanks goes to Bill for taking the video.

You might recognize the 3-car NSL Silverliner seen in the opening of the video. They are the Sunset/3rd Rail replacement Electroliner cars I rebuilt to my standards and written about in the post.

The fellow in the yellow "Lotus" shirt is me. To the left in the opening video is Bruce Moffat.

The C&U will return in a different form in the future. Stay tuned.