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Thursday, April 13, 2017

Some Info You Might be Interested In

Before the next Post on the using the Right O'Way Street Turnout Point/Mate castings. If you are using or plan on using these castings you should take a look at Terry Gaskin's Blog  He is building street turnouts using the ROW castings.

Next, Jay Criswell the new owner of ROW has rewritten the instructions which come with the Street Turnout Paint/Mate castings. The instructions are easier to read and understand.

Since Jay is the new owner of the Proto48 products, he gave me authorization to publish the instruction sheet which came with the Protocraft turnout castings. You may find the information of the location of the overhead wire frog on the bottom of page one interesting. On page 2 is an interesting drawing with measurements. Both of these pieces of information will help you in building your layout.
 The drawing in the lower left shows where the overhead wire frog should be located.

Note the measurements included in the drawing at the top of the page.

More in the next Post. Cheers,