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Thursday, February 27, 2014

John Marton 1941 - 2014

John Marton of Des Plaines, IL passed away on February 21, 2014. He was an excellent trolley modeler in O scale. At the time of his death John was a Vice-President of the Central Electric Railfans' Association (CERA) after serving for 5 years as the Publications Director.

John was responsible for the publication of The Lake Line (B-144), Transit in the Triangle v1 (B-145), and Trolley Sparks Special #1. John's work was very successful, well received, and appreciated by CERA members.

John's health problems stated early in 2013. The health problems have caused delay in the  publication of next CERA Bulletin The Illini Trail, about the Chicago, Ottawa & Peoria. When the Bulletin is published, CERA will dedicate the book in John's memory.

John scratch-built many of his O scale trolley models. His models were always interesting. These are photos of John’s Evanston Ry. car. The model has a full interior. The boy on the back platform has a golf bag with himself.  Coal is included for the old stove to heat the car. This is the only model of an Evanston Ry. car I have ever seem!

John would often come to a trolley meet with a number of models to be able to make up a train. This is John's Indiana Railroad 3-car train of lightweight cars.

John was a teacher in the Chicago Public School system for many years. In his final years  he was assigned to a high school on the far west side of the city. John used his interest and skills in building trolley models to teach model building to his students. He demonstrated to the students how they could succeed using their own talents and skills. Many of the students learned new skills which could lead to a job.

The students' grades were based upon how well the individual student could read plans, select material to be used, build the model, and then finish the model. At the end of the school term the students were free to take their models home or leave them at school.

Sometimes a student would give the model to John to have as his own. This is one such model.

John was a great friend to all of us traction fans no matter if you were a modeler or not. His volunteer work with the CERA is appreciated by all of us. Seeing his models was always a joy. You could talk with him about almost anything. He would show you how he had built his models. We all are going to miss him.

John, may the signals ahead always be green!

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