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Sunday, November 4, 2018

60% of Modules for New Layout Almost Done

Originally the name of this Post was not to include the word "Almost". But then, I realized there are still minor tasks left to be done to finish 6 of the 10 modules. making up the layout. On one of the modules more trees have been ordered to plant while other modules need more road signs, people, autos, and more. It's amazing the number of minor details which when added to a train layout take the viewer of the layout to the next level.

What has taken my time during the past summer is the building of the South Entrance to the Brookfield Zoo (The Chicago Zoological Society) located on the borders of Brookfield and Riverside, IL. You can look up the Zoo and the South Entrance on Google and Google Maps to see what the prototype looked like in the past and currently. There are numerous photos of the South Entrance and the interior of the Zoo. If you have a chance read about the history of the Zoo.

My model ca 1948 of the South Entrance takes up the entire side of the module, 48" long (or wide). These are some photos of my work.
Palm trees do not grow in the Chicago area. They were added as conversation pieces. More vehicles in the parking lot as well as people need to be added.

Ticket sellers were added to the outside of the building. Normally tickets are sold inside the gates. The inside view of the Zoo was created with photos pasted to the back wall of the building. Lights inside the opening to the Zoo give the interior a day time look.
A special THANK YOU has to be given to Eric Bronsky who gave me ideas about creating the center Zoo building plus the encouragement to build the entire set of buildings.

The prototype Grange Line of the Chicago and West Towns Railway (CWT), had been in existence for about 40 years before the Zoo was built in the mid 1930's. The land on which the Zoo is located had been a farm owned by a member of The Chicago Zoological Society.

The South Entrance to the Zoo became an instant main passenger stop on the LaGrange Line of the CWT. This trolley line became the prime way for many families without autos to visit the Zoo during the 1930's and 40's. After the trolley line was abandoned, the CWT substituted buses. 

The Zoo is open for visitors almost all the days of the year. The animals have to be feed and taken care daily. The LaGrange Line became the busiest passenger trolley route of the CWT.


PS - There are some unfinished items left in this Blog to cover. As photos are found, the unfinished topics will be taken care of.

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