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Monday, March 20, 2017

2017 March Chicago O Scale Meet

The annual 2017 March Chicago O Scale Meet is over. The venders are on their way home. Many O scale models and parts have exchanged hands. This event is probably the biggest and most intense O Scale Meet in the States. Over the years more O scale traction has appeared at this meet. The other item to note is I counted the models of at least 5 estates for sale. Two of the estates were traction modelers.

This year's O Scale Meet gave me a chance to meet the new owner of Lou Cross's Right-O-Way (R-O-W) products - Jay Criswell. Talking to Jay was like talking to Lou. Lou did a great job in picking Jay to carry on his work with R-O-W.

Some comments with regard to today's R-O-W products. Jay has a new web site for R-O-W  Do not use the "O Scale Directory" web page link to Lou Cross's R-O-W products.

Jay has started to review and upgrade some of the R-O-W products. An important  item to mention is Jay will be selling both "standard" (5" track gauge) O scale products plus Proto48 items. In the past Lou had spun off the Proto48 track components to Protocraft.

Protocraft will no longer carry Proto48 track components. This means the Proto48 street point and mate mentioned in a prior Post in this Blog will be available from Jay's R-O-W. Obviously this means when you order track components from R-O-W be sure to state "standard O scale" or "Proto48" as part of your order.

Jay has a small number of the points and cover plates castings. If the point and/or cover plate from you point and mate castings is damaged, contact Jay for replacements. I might add - be sure to have your invoice handy to prove the source of your point and mate castings.

I mentioned to Jay the need for a #4 frog casting for code 100 and code 125 rail. Most modelers who have mainline railroad layouts may not need this frog. It's the street/elevated (traction) modelers and modelers with switching layouts who can best benefit from having a #4 frog. If you can use #4 frogs contact Jay to express your need and desire to purchase them.

On a different tack, from comments made to me with regard to using (installing) the point and mate castings, I plan to go into greater detail on installing these castings. As soon as I can future Posts in the Blog will cover the various installations.



  1. Ed,

    Thank you for the very nice words. No one will ever be able to replace Lou but I'll do my best to follow in his footsteps. Another exciting find....When I picked up the Protocraft track parts, rail, motors and drives (really were mostly mine anyway), wheels, etc. Norm also gave me quite a few Clouser masters and molds he purchased from Bill's estate. In the coming weeks I hope to create an inventory of what's here and share it with you and your fellow modelers. Your blog seems like a great place to start. Any opinions or suggestions will be greatly appreciated. Thanks again for your support