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Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Paul J. Mayer (Shoreline Decals) 1935 - 2016

Paul Mayer the owner of Shoreline Decals passed away. Many of you, especially if you modeled in HO, may have obtained decals for your trolleys from Paul over the years.

Paul was great. For the decals he did not have ready made for sale, if  you could give him either art-work, photos, and/or dimensions of the decals, he would either make the decals himself or have them made for you. He was not able to make decals in either gold or silver.

Paul's latest venture was an HO model of a 3-D printed CSL Sedan. It was a beautiful model.

Outside of the business end of the hobby, Paul was a congenial, friendly fellow with a sharp sense of humor. He was always a joy with which to have a conversation.

I was especially pleased to have long discussions with him regarding the business side of the trolley modeling hobby. He was always spot on with his observations and comments.

As an O scale trolley modeler in need of decals for my models, he was a fantastic resource. Without his decals most of my models would remain unfinished. I sure the same can be said of many trolley modelers in the Midwest and perhaps in other places.

Paul, from all your friends in Chicago, Thank You and may all the lights be green!


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