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Sunday, June 21, 2015

Weaver Models Retirement

Weaver Modes has announced its departure from the model railroad business. Taken from the Weaver Models web site ,

"Weaver Models is announcing the closing of its manufacturing business at the end of June after 50 years. Proud to have been manufacturing in the USA.
"I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our dealers, customers, and the many great friends I've made throughout the years for making our business a success. 
"I would also like to thank our dedicated employees, some of whom have been with me for more than 20 years, also for making our business a success. 
"I have been affiliated with Weaver Models since 1970, when it was better known as Quality Craft Models. I acquired Weaver Models in 1994.
"We will be having a sale at our place of business, selling various items including memorabilia on a cash and carry basis.

"Update June 16

"Due to the overwhelming response to our business closing announcement, we will not have time to prepare for our retirement sale as originally announced. We are moving the sale to

"July 17, from 8AM to 5PM. "

Back in the 1970's, 80's., and 90's I spent my time making freight cars for my future layout. Walthers had the USH waffle side box car kit. All Nation Manufacturing had a number of older freight car kits. Max Gray had imported a number of brass models of post WW II freight cars. There were also a number of small manufacturers of freight cars most of which were not suitable fro my interest.

Two manufacturers stood out for making craftsmen kits of current freight cars. They were Quality Craft (QC) and Lykins. Neither manufacturer overlapped in the style (type) of freight car. QC kits were easier to obtain and assemble.

Over the years I assembled a C&O 61' well hole flat car, MILW 40' ribbed box car, plus other QC kits. If properly assembled, detailed, and finished with a good paint job and trucks, the QC kits were as good looking as the available imported brass models.

Over the years QC morphed in Weaver Models. When QC/Weaver left the wood kit market and went into plastics either as kits or ready-to-run, I obtain a few of them. The wooden and plastic QC/Weaver cars are still on my roster. They are special to me.

Over the ensuing years Weaver started going into the 3-rail market. At the same time a number of extremely interesting models were brought to the market place. A list of these models would be very long. They filled a void which up to the time Weaver made the model was often overlooked by other O scale manufacturers. Weaver was innovative in that sense.

The some of the unique Weaver models which come to mind are -
the Bradley-Pullman (American Flyer) passenger cars;
WW II Troop Sleepers, Kitchen, Hospital, and Express cars;
MILW S3 Northern and F6a Baltic steam locomotives;
Northeastern cabooses;
PRR BP-20 diesel locomotives; and
many, many more!!!

NOTE: Some of the models listed above may have been available from other manufacturers. But it wasn't until Weaver produced them that the model was easy to obtain and get rolling on a layout.

With the end of Weaver Models comes an end to Scalecoat paints. Modelers will have to adjust how they paint their models.

This post is my way of thanking Quality Craft and Weaver for making kits, ready-to-run models, and paint for me and the other modelers out there. May your retirement be healthy and enjoyable!


PS - If you have wondered why there has been a stoppage of post in this blog, my wife and I have been beset with some computer problems. We been told not to buy a new computer until Windows 10 has been released. Microsoft has set the date of July 29 of this year.

We're running on a computer purchased some years ago to hook up to a large screen TV to watch our vacation photos, Photoshop presentations, and DVD's. The capacity of the computer is limited.

We have over 25,000 photos and I do not want to load them on this computer to be able to use them in post for this blog. I hope to be back in operation posting info on the blog soon.


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