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Saturday, January 11, 2014

North Shore Line 409 - Part 10 Making the Windows and Painting Them (The Red Matching Paint Disclosed)

A Special Announcement Regarding the Red Paint Selected for This Project!

After preparing a few paint "chips" to compare the red paints available from Tru-Scale Paints, the TCP-012 Chinese Red color was chosen.

Further on in this post and the next where when the windows are painted and installed, comments will be made as to the finish of the paint and other factors.

First the metal housing for making the replacement windows has to be made. Some time ago a 0.060" thick piece of aluminum sheet was cut-up to be used as a shims. It just so happens each piece of aluminum  was large enough to be used for the current project. The piece selected had all 4 corners square. The piece was scored in its vertical center. A hole the same size as in the model was marked and cut out. The same steps as making the hole in the model was used.
The styrene pattern has been installed in the piece of aluminum. Small squares were used in scribing the lines on the aluminum.

To explain the size of styrene and its location in making the new windows, drawings of the styrene and a photo of the "form" used for making the window will be used. The letter in the circle is the order in which the piece(s) of styrene were placed in the form and then glued.
E is to be placed over C.
It may not look like I followed the order in building up the windows from the photos. I was fitting parts and at the same time taking photos. Photo taking was secondary to building up the windows.
When the styrene glue has completely cured, the window was popped out of the form. The windows are extreme fragile so they were attached to a piece of wood using masking tape in preparation for painting. The second photo is the windows after painting.
The painted widows have been placed on a clean shop towel. Before painting the windows a test was done to see if my choice of paint/color was correct. A brush was used to paint over the scratch on the window post to the left of the new windows. The comments Tru-Color makes about brushed-on paint are correct. The paint dried to a satin finish. This will be corrected in the future to have the finish of the paint match the high gloss of the model.
The comments Tru-Color makes about the paint being sprayed-on are correct. The windows were sprayed using an air brush. The paint covers very well. It can be sprayed straight out of the bottle. The paint dried to a light gloss finish.
When the windows were placed in the hole, the fit was correct as expected. The finish on the paint was less glossy than the finish on the model. The windows were taken out of the model and sprayed with a coat of Testors Glosscoat. The windows then matched the gloss of the model's finish.
Installation is next!

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