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Sunday, July 28, 2013

AEFRE 49 - #4E The Flat Car with Decking

To improve the coupler height a piece of 0.020" styrene is installed and tested vs. the Kadee coupler height tool. The styrene worked.  The coupler was at the  correct height.

Before we go further with the coupler and building the draft gear, some pieces of styrene are to be added to the frame on the sides near the ends. You'll have to check the photos of the side of the prototype's frame for sizes. This photo shows the additional styrene on the bottom sides of the frame.

The balance of the design and building of the couplers' draft gear will be a photo essay with drawings, photos and short explanations. Here are the drawings made for engineering the coupler pocket. Note the piece of plastic tubing next to the draft gear for the air brake casting.

Here are photos of the building of the coupler pocket/draft gear.

As you are looking at this series of photos note what has been added as the coupler pocket is being installed and finished.

As the coupler pocket was added, additional styrene was added to the bottom end of the frame to enclose the bottom end of the brass frame. At the trail truck end of the frame, the body bolster was glued to the frame with ACC.

Next queenpost are added. These are the shortest queenpost PSC makes.

Number 49 was made by passing long steel rods through the framing and securing the rods with nuts and washers. Check the photos of the prototype as to the location of the rods. The location of the rods has to be marked on the side of the frame prior to drilling any holes. 

When I go to drill the holes and install the nut and washer castings, my  line of nuts with washers often weaves up and down. From experience I've learned to drill the holes oversize, Then when the nut-washer castings are installed, they can be positioned in a straight line. 

More styrene pieces have to be added to the frame at the trail truck end.

There is always more to come,

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