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Friday, June 1, 2012

A Ride on the Fox River Line

My friend Eric Bronsky, Mr. Electropickle Productions,  has made a video of his ride on the Aurora Elgin & Fox River Electric 304 operating on "home" rails.

The motorman is Joe Hazinski who has graciously allowed me to use his drawing for building the model of AEFRE #49.

An interesting modeler's note about the Aurora Elgin & Fox River Electric 304 seen in the video. After the Shaker Heights Rapid Transit received the Fox Valley cars, the vents on the roofs were changed. Very careful inspection of photos will show the differences in the roof vents.

When modeling the cars as they were on the Fox Valley Electric, the vents available from Precision Scale Models #5322 are correct. If modeling the cars as they were for the Shaker Heights or Speedrail, the vents available from Q-Car Company CS155 are correct.

In the meantime, besides the work of upgrading the electrical parts of my layout, some problems with the electric switch machines have cropped up. It's easy to fix but time consuming. My plan is to have everything taken finished by the end of next week.

Then it's back to building the #49.