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Sunday, April 15, 2012

"One a Day" Car Building continued

Before showing the balance of the pages of Les Torrens's booklet, not all models lend themselves to the double sash techniques demonstrated by Bill Hoffman. However, if you are building models of wooden cars, the majority of them can be built using Bill's techniques.

With the use of "rivet decals" from Archer Transfers , Bill's techniques can be used to build models with rivets.

On the last page of the booklet Bill's method of transferring measurements from car plans to a "design template" or "measuring stick". Since Bill had to be able to travel "light", instead of carrying around paper plans for the model he was building, he would transfer parts of the car's plan to a stick of wood.

Here are the balance of the pages of the booklet. The final page of the booklet is 13.


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