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Sunday, December 4, 2011


This is a blog about making traction models in 1/4" scale. The name of the blog Modeling Insull's Empire relates to the location of most of the traction companies'
equipment to be modeled.

The vast majority of Samuel Insull's traction empire was in the Chicago area. The companies to be modeled will include the Chicago Aurora & Elgin, the Chicago North Shore & Milwaukee, the Chicago South Shore & South Bend, and the Chicago Rapid Transit Company. However, from time to time other trolley lines will be included.

It should be noted included with in the Chicago Aurora and Elgin are the lines of the Aurora Elgin and Fox River Railroad Company.

This blog was started in response to Donald Burno-Bosan 's request for me to start a blog regarding making traction models. Don is the webmaster for the Great Third Rail website .

I've been building trolley models in O scale for over 50 years. You can see a short video of my layout on YouTube  thanks to my friend Eric Bronsky.

The photo at the top the page is a model scratch built by Joe Fisher in 17/64th scale for Dud Onley. A photo of the model appears in Trolley Talk Number 39 page 5. I was able to obtain the model when Dud was sick and selling off his trolley empire. More will appear about this model in future blogs.

I am looking forward to writing an interesting blog for you.


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