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Saturday, April 18, 2020

WW II Nurse Recruitment Billboard Refrigerator Car

This is not what was to be the topic of the next Post. However, as you read the Post you'll understand the reason it is the next Post.

Many years ago someone was selling on EBay vintage refrigerator sides printed on card stock for the recruiting of Nurses for the Army during WW II. To use these printed sides either an existing vintage refrigerator kit or scratch-built body had to be used. 

Since my wife, Lois, is a Nurse; the sides were purchased. To build a vintage car, an old Walthers wooden refrigerator kit of the correct dimensions was obtained. My plan had been to build the model as one of the last models I built.

With the advent of the COVID-19 virus and resultant problems, the building of the kit with the paper sides seemed very appropriate. There are many commercials on TV giving "Thanks" to Doctors and Nurses. But to me it should be the other way around. At most hospitals, there are more Nurses involved in patient care.

 At the same time don't forget to thank the countless number of other health care professionals, technologists, technicians, and more who are working at hospitals either directly or indirectly involved in patient care. Include in this are the nursing and medical students who have been drafted to help.

Assembled body prior to sanding the side smooth and more parts applied.

Prior to painting and application of the paper sides.

The Precision Scale Company brass parts were used to replace the parts either lost or not included with the kit.  The assembled body was painted with red ends and a dark blue roof prior to attaching the white paper sides with white glue. The dark blue and red are Testors enamel paint brushed on in thinned coats. The underbody is painted black. 

To make the paper sides more realistic, most of the black painted parts were "reapplied" using styrene, Grandt Line, and Berkshire Valley parts. added. Finally the entire car was sprayed with Dullcote. The Dullcote gave the car a weathered look. 

Finally, the Nurse recruitment car was placed in a predominant location in the Zoo Loop.


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